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#source separation

Educating for recovery

Long term environmental protection requires more than just resource recovery, it also requires cultural change.

Australia has more than 500 active landfills, and hundreds more which are closed and require remediation. The vast majority of these landfills are owned by local government, meaning that in many cases, the long-term burden of remediating these sites falls to the communities in which they operate.

Waste Authority says three bins a winner on kerbside

Three’s the charm for kerbside recycling, at least according to the WA Waste Authority.

The Local Government Waste and Recycling Census 2014-15 revealed that household kerbside collections using three rubbish bins recover much more waste for recycling, compared to using two bins.

Some 486,000 tonnes of domestic waste was recovered by local councils during the census period.

Sustain Me promises better source separation across Victoria

The Sustain Me application launched this week, tailor made to help local government improve kerbside source separation in Victoria.

In an interview with Resource Recovery News, Sustain Me founders Stephen Halpin and Eleanor Meyer explained how the application was built using a state government database holding information on kerbside recovery services throughout Victoria.

Using geolocation, the application aims to provide accurate information on recovery options for public throughout Victoria.

Courts hit US retailers for poor source separation

US recyclers are beginning to win big settlements from retailers over poor or ineffective source separation of commercial waste materials.

In the latest case, Safeway has been ordered to pay nearly $10 million to 41 California counties and cities for illegally disposing of household chemicals and medicines from its stores and distribution centers over a seven-year span.

Melbourne University: "build it and they will recycle"

Melbourne University has broken new ground with the most comprehensive local study to date on facility level source separation.

The ‘Build It and They Will Recycle’ study (available here), studied on campus source separations system with the aim of identifying best practise.

The study used a combination of a literature review and waste audits to assess the effectiveness of different source separation systems.

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