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Asia leads growth in waste-to-energy market

The waste-to-energy (WtE) market continues its strong global growth, with Asian leading the charge.

In its “Waste to Energy 2016/17” report, Germany-based consultancy firm ecoprog said that worldwide treatment capacity reached more than 300 million annual tonnes, with close to 2,150 plants operating in late 2015.

Global survey reveals confident energy recovery markets

European analyst firm ecoprog's 2015 Waste to Energy survey has found strong global confidence - particularly in Europe.

The results comes via the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP) - which conducted its 2015 energy recovery survey to gauge the expectations and outlook of both operators and industrial providers.

Contracted to analyst firm ecoprog GmbH, the survey covered 500 operators and 400 plant manufacturers and suppliers in energy recovery worldwide.

Suez looks to double plastics recovery in Europe

SITA parent company Suez Environmental has set a goal to double its production of recycled plastics in Europe in the next five years.

The goal was created against a huge and growing secondary plastics stream - according to Suez the production of plastics in Europe has multiplied 150-fold over the last 50 years, reaching 50 million tonnes a year in 2014.

Of this 50 million tonnes, approximately 25 million tonnes becomes waste plastic, and 6.25 million tonnes (25%) is recovered per year.

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