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Liebherr R Series lands in Australia

Liebherr's most advanced crawler excavators ever - the R 920, R 922 and R 924 - are now available in the Australian market.

The R Litronic Series crawler excavators represent millions of hours of development by the Liebherr Group, creating machines that have optimal performance, safety, reliability and usability.

The R 920 weighs 21 to 21.5 tonnes, with a bucket capacity of up to 1.25 cubic metres. The R 922 ranges from 22 to 22.7 tonnes, featuring a bucket capacity of up to 1.5 cubic metres. Finally, the R 924 tips the scales between 23.6 to 24.6 tonnes, and offers the biggest bucket capacity of 1.65 cubic metres. Improvements in the R Series focus on three key areas - fuel, usability and reliability.

The machines are ideal for landfill operators, demolition recyclers and organics processors seeking high availability capital equipment. Liebherr has extensive experience working with waste management and recycling companies, having collaborated with industry leaders including Veolia and Ferris Metal Recyclers. 

More efficient, lower emissions, flexible fuel

A Cummins turbocharged 6.7L common rail diesel engine powers the Liebherr R Series, generating 150 HP at 1,800 RPM for the R 920 and R 922, while the larger R 924 gets a heftier 170 HP at 1,800 RPM. Engineered to the highest standard, and combined with Liebherr's Positive Control hydraulic system and its most advanced computer control, this creates the lowest fuel use Liebherr has achieved in a crawler excavator.

Fuel options are also now more flexible, ranging from B20 to high-sulphur diesel, without affecting performance. Despite this flexible fuel input, all R Series excavators comply with Stage IIIA/Tier 3 standards, future proofing them against Australia's increasingly stringent air quality requirements.

Putting operators at ease

Contractors emphasise the need for reduced operator fatigue and improved visibility, and Liebherr has listened. All R Series models offer redesigned seats for comfort, as well as larger windows for better visibility (with tinting offered as an optional accessory).

A 7-inch colour touchscreen offers a wide range of control over adjustment parameters, with water sealing rated at IP65. The entire control system is encased in an air-conditioned cockpit with improved insulation against noise and vibration, increasing comfort and productivity. Rear window emergency exits are standard across the range, while rear view cameras offer a vastly improved field of vision.

The R Series further improves torque on the swing arm, with machine movements made more fluid and precise, resulting in improved speed and efficiency.

For tool changes, Liebherr’s modular Z tooth quick-change system improves versatility, speed and ease of interchange. A range of attachments are available for practically any application, with each tool is designed for durability.

Following customer feedback, Liebherr's R Series now offers simplified user maintenance and extended service intervals, further reducing overall cost of ownership. To supplement this, Liebherr maintains parts and service centres in every capital city.

Finally, 24/7 maintenance ensures that overnight and weekend work proceeds without interruption, and projects get dug on schedule.