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Even when it stinks - it's safe

Living near a non-hazardous landfill is safe, even when it’s odorous, reveals the latest scientific study from the Victorian EPA.

The study [PDF], authored by Environmental Risk Sciences is one of most comprehensive to date on the effects of living near landfills. The study focuses on air emissions and updates a study published in 2013 by RMIT University.

The study concludes that “that the available data and published studies does not show that living near a non-hazardous waste landfill is associated with adverse health effects”.

However, the study “acknowledged that a number gases and VOCs (individually or as a mixture) released from non-hazardous waste landfills may be odorous and may affect the well-being of the local community.”

The study is one of a number recently released on the community effects of waste management infrastructure, including an international study released 2014 which showed how the presence of waste to energy infrastructure does not affect house prices. This week, the Victorian EPA also released updates to its waste classification codes.